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Chi Kung FAQ: Questions & Answers

What kind of atmosphere can I expect during the lessons?

What’s the size of the Bos Qigong groups?

What should I wear and bring to the lessons?

How can I pay for the Qigong course? Can I pay per lesson?

What are the differences & similarities between yoga & qigong?

What language will be spoken during the Qigong lessons?

Is chi kung (qigong) a kind of sport?

What are the differences & similarities between SylFit & Bos Chi Kung? Can I take both?

In both you will use your own free fitness equipment. Namely: your own body, plus gravity. Both are given in a playful way, with much personal attention & respect. If you like, you can easily follow both lessons. Here are some of the differences:

What’s the origin of the name “Bos Chi Kung”?

How can I find out more?


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