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Article: Botontkalking en chi kung

Artikel over de effecten van qi gong op osteoporose.

Ancient Eastern Exercise Cures Osteoporosis

by Frank Lam Sheung

If you know anything about the debilitating bone disease called osteoporosis will also know that it is incurable. You would know that this disease extracts calcium from the bones making them brittle over time. No matter how much calcium you try to supplement your diet with your body cannot absorb it.

Up until the time she was diagnosed with osteoporosis Joan Foo had lost 40% of her bone density as a result of the disease. After the diagnosis and feed up with living a sedentary life, fate would have her attending a Qi gong class. This was the turning point in her life. After one year of practicing Qi gong, doctors were dumb founded and flabbergasted to see that not only had the condition stopped, it had reversed itself. Qi gong pronounced, (chi kung) evolved from peasants who after a long hard days work in the hot sun would retire at night and enjoy the cool night air after the heat of the day

As they wound down and relaxed they became aware of an energy around them, which they could move around their bodies and was somehow related to their breathing and to the mind. This energy exists whether you believe it or not. Chinese sages would call it life-force or chi.

You can feel this energy without knowing too much about qi gong. One way to do this would be to hold your hands directly in front of you with your palms facing down. Now visualize water flowing from the top of your shoulders to the tips of your fingers and beyond, almost like when youre in the shower and water is flowing down your arms and out of your fingertips. If you visual water flowing out of your fingers for 20 seconds or so you will feel a tingly sensation in your hands, or they will become warm. You will feel the intensity grow in your hands by taking a deep breath for the count of 2 and then exhaling for 6.

Now that you are aware of this energy, you will find that by moving and breathing a certain way this energy can rid you of headaches, backaches, depression, hangovers, and a whole range of other aliments.

The body with millions of cells knows exactly how to heal itself. Qi gong provides the method for the body to do it. If you have 5 or 10 minutes a day you can do Qi gong. For additional information (or sample, copy or demo), contact: Learn Qi Gong Click Here…

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