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Article: Qi gung training

Artikel over een alternatieve vorm van onderwijs.

Qigong Training

by C. Bailey-Lloyd

Seeking an alternative education? Students wishing to learn about Chinese medicine may wish to attain education and training in Qigong (pronounced Chi Kung). Qigong is more than just a martial art; it is an intricate energy healing system that is rooted in healing and spiritual guidance.

While many private Qigong teachers and clinics, and Chinese medicine and martial arts schools provide Qigong training and education, traditional Qigong training may take many years of practice. However, some Qigong training classes may be sponsored by a few Qigong organizations and institutions as well.

Qigong training is most often used for self healing and longevity; therefore, structured classes provide students with a comprehensive curriculum that includes but is not limited to defining Qi and meridians; learning the three regulations of Qigong, which include breath, mind focus and posture; learning the basic functions of the practice of Qigong, which includes circulating, cleansing, collecting, and storing; an introduction to a variety of Classic Qigong Exercises. [1] Other Qigong training may integrate Tai Chi; meditation; principles of Tao; and multiple stress reduction techniques.

Qigong training may pose a variety of learning methods in seminars, private classes and workshops; but to attain effective knowledge to use in practice, one can attend classes that average about 200 hours; students who complete this training are often awarded a certificate of completion. Furthermore, medical Qigong training and advanced Qigong training may be taken by the more serious practitioner. Individuals who complete 500+ hours of advanced Qigong training, can become an advanced Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor, and may be eligible to become certified through the NCCAOM in Asian Body Therapies. [2]

Students wishing to become Qigong practitioners should always check with individual schools, organizations and other training facilities to determine Qigong training options, course duration and costs associated with classes.


1. National Qigong Association

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