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Article: Qigong vereenvoudigd

Artikel over qigong vereenvoudigd

Qigong Simplified

by Jay C Shrewsbury
There are many reasons Qigong is practiced and many different styles associated with them. From longevity, to healing, to spirituality there are many forms and opinions on the practice of qigong. Qigong can be practiced in many positions as well. Sitting, standing, laying, walking, and everything in between can be incorporated into qigong posture. The way one breathes and thinks also varies among qigong practices. As we can see qigong can vary greatly and is a generic term used for certain types of disciplines. So how do we know what style is right for us? How do we know what will work for us? The first question is solely based on what our desired outcome of the practice should be, health, longevity, spiritual and so on, the second is a trial by error procedure, this can be very discouraging, but there are a few basics we should keep in mind when practicing and picking a style to engage in. The main purpose for qigong is to move the natural energy in our bodies to prevent clogging or disruptions. The energy movement correlates with blood and oxygen flow, and depending on personal beliefs it can travel through our circulatory systems, meridians, charkas or other pathways. The important factor is that the mind (yi) controls the breath and through this combination we can direct and move the energy. This is done through patience, relaxation, and an open mind. So whether you are practicing qigong with specific movements, static posture qigong, sitting qigong, or any other method, you must practice it with relaxation and intent. When practicing moving qigong the body must remain relaxed and non-stressed, the movements of qigong should not be forced or exerting, but done with relaxation and intent. Jay C Shrewsbury Oberlin, OH

Jay C Shrewsbury has been practicing and researching the martial arts for nearly a quarter of a century. To read more about him please, or e-mail him at


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