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Article: Genees jezelf – de geheimen van qi gong

Artikel over zelfgenezing – de “geheimen” van qigong.

Heal Thyself – The Secrets Of Qi Gong

by Mandy Robinson

The challenge between modern medicine and alternative medicine is always a fine line since everything comes from natural substances to begin with, some are just more healthy for you than others. Qi Gong is a method of healing yourself, by discovering the inner geography of your body and by gaining awareness and control of how your body functions in order to heal yourself.
  1. Dieting Using Qi Gong. Dieting can seem like the never ending battle. As people strive to lose weight, it can be frustrating when the results are slow to come or not at all. Weight fluctuations can seem insufferable as your inner desires to loose weight and the need to change your eating habits. Diets usually involve changing your food intake without increasing your self awareness. By changing your food intake, you can inadvertently do away with the foods that you like and need. Most diet trends dont encourage you to discover what is really best for you. One diet does not fit all. This is where Qi Gong comes in, by presenting a sustainable, self-directing approach to cultivate the knowledge of how your body works. Qi Gong nurtures who you are instead of inhibiting your dietary needs.
  2. Bodily Regulation. The knowledge and practice of Qi Gong unveils how the body can regulate itself so you can gain the power to have control over your own weight and health. By using simple exercises on a daily basis, you can greatly improve your digestion rate, increase your metabolism and encourage weight loss. The students of Qi Gong learn to use exercises that combine the posture, gravity, breath, mind and movement together to cleanse the Qi (the vital life force). When the Qi is in balance, all the systems in the body become harmonized therefore improving digestion and metabolism and relieving any ailments. As a self-healing practice that has been widely documented in China, Qi Gong has been proven to improve digestion and the overall health of the one who practices it. The efficacy of the use of Qi Gong has also been recognized in the United States by The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the NIH and is currently doing further research to document the long term weight loss effectiveness.
  3. Weight Loss. Most people do not digest properly. This is where the practice of Qi Gong comes in to increase the rate of digestion and effectively improve any digestive disorders. By practicing Qi Gong regularly, a person can be free to eat as they wish while achieving a desirable weight. Weight loss is not just about the food you are eating, its about how food is processed and digested through your body.
  4. Exercise Number One. By using both hands, bring your hands down with palms to the floor, to the level of your solar plexus. Have your fingers pointing toward each other, almost touching. Then easily start to move your hands away from your body to become parallel with your solar plexus (stomach area). You may feel a sensation that you are pulling something out of your solar plexus as if the tips of your fingers are connected by an invisible elastic cord. As you are feeling this, move your hands apart, as far away as possible without losing the awareness of the connection. Hold this position until you feel like you are about to lose the connection and then return your hands back to the starting position. When returning your hands to the starting position, you dont have to think much on the action, just do what comes naturally. Dont be alarmed if you dont experience the sensations at first try, sometimes the more you practice this exercise, the more likely to feel the sensation with little effort.
  5. Exercise Number Two. Repeat the first exercise by putting your hands on the different midline areas. Normally there are five areas that need treatment after eating. These areas are: the solar plexus (stomach area), the area half way between your navel and your solar plexus, your navel, the small area below the navel and the stomach area above the pubic bone. As you work these lower areas, you will need to change your starting position to palms up. The navel is the main area of change but it can be done wherever you feel more at ease.

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