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Article: Oosterse methoden

Artikel over Oosterse systemen voor gezondheid en kracht.

Eastern systems for your health and strength

by Willie Krut

The traditional Asian martial arts and massages emphasize allowing ki (cosmic energy; also known as chi) to flow through ones body. This belief in ki connects them with tai chi chuan, a meditation like discipline that emphasizes slow, graceful body movements. Chi Kung, Tai Chi or Tui Na massages are only few of the keys to self-trusting and to physical harmony.

Using these techniques you can achieve many accomplishments without having to put yourself through great psychological or physical efforts, violent conflicts or aggression. Be sure that, once you dominate the genuine laws of the universe, which you assimilate by the methods above, it will be impossible for someone to dominate you. Chi Kung – the art of internal harmony Chi Kung is a philosophical system at least 5000 old, which made it through the centuries and which became very popular at the beginning of this millennium.

This art of the vital energy is the most advanced and complex method of improving health and longevity, by offering a feeling of harmony with yourself and with the surrounding world. The four main principles of this technique are: the mind, the eyes, the movement and the breathing. The mind represents the intention, the eyes are considered the focusing of intention, the movement is the action of intention and the breathing is flood of intention. It obviously takes time and practice to understand profoundly their dynamics.

The benefits resulting from practicing Chi Kung can be divided into five categories: Cure of illnesses and improvement of the general health state Increase of vitality and development of your internal force Prolongation of youth Cultivation of the mind and intellectual capacities Spiritual progress According to Chinese medicine, various diseases are the result of anger, sadness, joy, harmony and optimism deficit. All these factors, together with deficient nourishment, make Chiu – the vital energy – to diminish or to be present in only certain parts of your body.

By practicing Chi Kung you can learn to be more conscious of whats going on in your inner universe and to build yourself a defensive system against the disequilibrium, which affects your vital force. The harmony of breathing and the agility obtained without efforts during the training sessions, confer a better concentration and a fast recovery from stress, tiredness, by inviting you to meditation.

Tai Chung Chuan – the wonder dance You must have seen on TV that in China, very early in the morning, hundreds of people, in large groups or alone, perform apparently weird movements. This gymnastics, with waving movements, represents for them an ancestral inheritance. The eternity of the universe and the rhythm of its permanent changes have induced the idea that the human being can become immortal if he adapts to and follows this rhythm. This technique represents a putting into practice of the subtle side of the human being (spiritual evolution, mental control etc) and the physical side (muscles, articulation, bones etc).

Whenever you feel intellectually or physically tired, Tai Chi Chuan gives you the possibility to gain back, in only a few minutes, you strength and your harmony. There are also other Chinese arts whose efficiency has been proven along the centuries, so dont hesitate to attend Chinese seminars, in order to get more information, whenever you have the chance.

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