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About Robberto Bos

Who is the instructor?

My name is Robberto Bos, born 1952. A native Dutch speaker. You are welcome to investigate qigong with me in English or German.

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Experience with movement & bodywork

It would be easiest for you if you could just read here about some official diplomas and certifications as a qigong teacher. But those don’t really exist. So you’ll get a bit more background here.

When I was 19, at the Dutch Police Academy (don’t ask me how I got there…), I discovered that I did not like athletic conditioning, weight lifting, boxing, judo, jiu jitsu and karate very much. Too hard & aggressive for me.

Yoga and relaxation techniques looked much more interesting. I trained to become a meditation teacher and worked as such for 8 years. Later I took a Polarity Therapy Practitioner training (with Polarity Yoga). Followed by Ki training (Japanese energy training, with sensei Kenjiro Yoshigasaki).

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement made a great impression because of its innovative & open style of learning. Trager exercises offered a similar approach.

I took some tai chi training with various teachers. And especially loved learning pushing hands or sensing hands (subtle partner exercises).

The most grounding, centering and stabilizing benefits came by studying qigong or chi kung, starting about 8 years ago. Mainly based on the powerful Zhan Zhuang methods, as taught by Peter den Dekker of Neiguan Institute, Ole Eskildsen of the Ichuan Standing Meditation School, master Lam Kam Chuen from London, a yiquan teacher, and Sam Tam.

That was quite intense training: daily individual practice, 4 to 8 hours of group lessons per week, plus training with advanced practitioners, and many extra workshop days and weekends. I assisted with the Dutch translation of 2 chi kung books by Lam Kam Chuen. My direct teacher stimulated me to take the teacher training with Lam in London, assist at lessons, and start teaching.

During 2 years I was a member of a small group of teachers in this style. For personal reasons I left the group in 2006, started working independently, and continued to develop my own style of chi kung (qigong).

I also teach chi kung for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Teaching style: investigate together

I did and do a lot of research to find out what worked (and what didn’t) – for me and others. In the past mostly theoretically: I worked as a writer & editor, and created some articles & books about healthy living. At present mostly practical & physical. You are welcome to benefit from that. In an investigative way. Open & undogmatic. Deep, but also playful.

Very playful. We focus on enjoying the process. And savoring the results.

In the past I wanted to seriously improve my communication skills: through listening & counseling courses to an NLP Practitioner Training. At a certain point I figured that if “life is a game”, I’d better learn to play… So I trained in theater sports, comedy & clowns improvisation, and worked 9 years as an improvising cliniclown for hospitalized children. Don’t worry: you won’t see a comedian at work during the lessons. But hopefully you prefer a somewhat playful approach.

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